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    EarBrain is a brain-sensing earphone that uses real-time biofeedback to help you refocus during the day and enhance sleep quality.

  • Features

    EarBrain has 3 unique features

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    in ear-EEG recording system

    EEG measurement services already exist, but only comes in headset-type and is not something very convenient to wear on a daily bases and for everyday usage.
    We present a wireless ambulatory in-ear EEG recording platform.

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    Automatic drowsiness detection

    Automatic drowsiness detection by α wave extraction and machine learning.

    Making alert sounds from the app. Or play music depending on the person’s concentration status.

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    Automatic Improvement of sleep quality

    There are services that visualize sleep quality but no services specifically to automatically help and improve it.
    EarBrain Improves sleep quality through deepening slow wave enhancement.

  • Team

    Our team is skilled in biometric signal processing and hardware development.

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    Kazutaka Yoshinaga

    CEO, M.D.

    Kazutaka is a medical doctor and also the former founder of a medical online questionnaire service "Melp". Melp has been used in over 1300 hospitals in Japan and has the largest market share. He exited the company to JMDC, inc and is developing ear-EEG as a serial entrepreneur.
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    Yusuke Tanabe


    Yusuke is a technical manager and also a full stack developer.
    As CTO, he has worked in number of development projects of the advanced web system, IoT services and medical products for more than 7 years, mainly for medical products.
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    Shintaro Sakoda

    Hardware Engineer

    Shintaro is a engineer of IT venture in japan. Experienced in research and development of myoelectric prosthetic hands and biometric sensors while enrolled in the University of Electro-Communications.
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